Company Profile

hereEstablished in 1972, Western Realco, under the direction of Vance C. Mape III, began providing real estate development services throughout California and the West. Specializing in office and industrial projects, their services include land acquisition, finance, project conceptualization, construction management, marketing and property management.

Western Realco’s approach to real estate investment, development and management has benefited their investment partners and tenants with an unbroken record of performance and success. This philosophy enables the Company to respond quickly and intelligently to new opportunities as they arise.

The quality and function of Western Realco’s speculative and build-to-suit projects are a result of the Company’s knowledge of the real estate markets and the expertise of their team of consultants and contractors. This has ensured the quick absorption of the projects at the most favorable prices which has served to maximize the returns to their investment partners. Their attention to detail and consideration of the ultimate end user’s requirements during the design and construction phases have become the basis for Western Realco’s reputation.

For over the past 42 years, Western Realco, either for their our own account or acting as a contract developer for institutional clients, has developed more than 90 buildings with an aggregate square footage in excess of 17,000,000 square feet and more than 1,350 acres throughout California and Nevada.